Let's do it together! Citizens engagement at local level

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With the goal of supporting local governments in their work on participatory democracy, EUROCITIES, our WG creative citizenship, and the city of Paris are pleased to invite you to attend our conference on citizens engagement at local level.

EUROCITIES, its working group creative citizenship, and the city of Paris are pleased to welcome you to:  

Let's do it together! Citizens engagement at local level – Paris, 22&23 October 2019 

In the past year, EUROCITIES has been working intensively on citizens engagement, in particular through our ‘Cities4Europe - Europe for citizens’ campaign, the work conducted by our working group creative citizenship and by the task force digital citizenship. 

Recently, 76 cities have adopted the EUROCITIES Declaration on citizens engagement.  

It is now time for EUROCITIES and its members to define principles and actions to put this Declaration into practice.  

Renowned experts in the field will share their knowledge, while city representatives will have the opportunity to talk and learn about initiatives and tools aimed at fostering citizens participation in local decision making, with the ultimate goal of strengthening participatory governance in our cities. 

During the conference, participants will also work on the EUROCITIES principles on citizens engagement at local level, which will officially be launched in Winter 2019. 

At the bottom of this page, you will find:

  • Agenda
  • Welcome pack
  • Professional Fair - all initiatives presented
  • Draft EUROCITIES principles on citizens engagement at local level (members only)

We look forward to welcoming you in Paris! 

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