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It is a critical time for Europe, ahead of the European elections. The success or failure of the European project will be decided in and by our cities’ ability to shape and implement policy locally.

That’s why Europe’s local leaders are saying we need to change the way we do politics in Europe. EUROCITIES ‘city leaders agenda for Europe’, launched today, asks that European and national leaders: Work with cities, work with citizens, work with us!

We want European and national leaders to:

  • strengthen the role of cities within the EU by nominating a vice president in charge of urban affairs in the European Commission
  • adopt and implement the vision of a carbon neutral Europe by 2050, including policies for cleaner and fewer cars in our cities
  • boost the digital transformation across the EU by supporting cities’ efforts to develop, test and scale up digital solutions
  • recognise the vital contribution of cities to the implementation of the European Pillar of Social Rights
  • strengthen our representative democracy with more participative mechanisms, following the example of cities for a citizens’ focussed future of Europe

Europe depends on its cities. They are the place where the fight against climate change becomes real, where technological innovation can help boost the digital transformation, and where equal and inclusive societies are made.

This message was strongly supported today at EUROCITIES second mayors summit - a two-day conference gathering around 60 mayors and local leaders, which took place just ahead of the EU Council Summit. It's time to start doing things differently in Europe and starting local could well be the answer.

Photos from the mayors summit are now available.

Watch the full debate

Read EUROCITIES city leaders agenda for Europe here:

   EUROCITIES_-_city_leaders_agenda_for_Europe_-_March_2019-A4download/preview this file